SCRIBBL3 PAD is just like the popular Etch-A-Sketch toy! With SCRIBBL3 PAD, you can escape boredom by “drawing” using the two motor knobs. Well, it’ll actually be more like scribbles, but hey-it is fun! The left knob controls up + down, and the right knob controls left + right. Instead of attaching gears to the two large motors as originally planned, I used the large tires for a “grippy” feeling. When you want to erase what you’ve drawn, you don’t have to restart the program! Just press the Enter button on the EV3 Brick, and the lines disappear!

P.S. I just got new Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries for my EV3, so SCRIBBL3 PAD is a lightweight game!

Access the video here: SCRIBBL3 PAD


2 thoughts on “SCRIBBL3 PAD

  1. Where are the instructions? Please send them to me!!!


    • Hello Samuel! Unfortunately, I don’t have instructions for this YET. I am planning on creating an LDD (building instructions) for this sometime, so hang in there!


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