BUMP3R CAR is based on my simple CAST3R BOT, so be sure to check that out. It uses the same castor design, although it now uses two skinny medium size EV3 wheels wrapped in rubber (dual-castor). The main part of BUMP3R CAR is its bumper. A touch sensor is located behind it; when BUMP3R CAR runs into a wall or other obstacle, it pushes the touch sensor which stops the robot, backs it up, turns it around, and drives on normally again in a loop. The bumper has rounded off edges to catch corners well. I’ve combined four wheels into two wide front tires. Looks nice! Unfortunately, I am unable to take a video since my EV3 Brick batteries are dead. Don’t worry, I expect to get some new Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries that should last at least six months.

Access the video here: BUMP3R CAR


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