Here is a simple but neat EV3 robot vehicle that can be a base for more complicated builds. CAST3R BOT moves around with… a castor! Yes! Two tires are connected to the large motors. Two turn, it just applies more power to the other wheel. The castor, like a shopping cart, moves with the flow. I’ve added an InfraRed Sensor to the back so I could Remote-Control it. A more complicated build based on CAST3R BOT will be uploaded by me tomorrow.

Access the video here: CAST3R BOT


4 thoughts on “CAST3R BOT

  1. My computer says: “you need to log in” (in Dutch, of course 🙂 ) So I think only the site-owner can see the video.


  2. Did you use the castor bot from NXT Programs? It’s very inovative.
    P.S. Video doesn’t work?


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