SAMURAI DANC3R has been updated extensively! SAMURAI DANC3R now dances at different speeds according to your actions! At normal, SAMURAI DANC3R starts out dancing at 33% speed (the top swords above his head act as sort of a balancing gyro spinning at 100% speed). Push your thumb on the EV3 Color Sensor, and SAMURAI DANC3R begins dancing lively at full speed! The duration only lasts 5 seconds, then it dances at a slow pace again. It dances better than it looks! Enjoy! P.S. Tell me what you think! Which dancebot is better: SAMURAI DANC3R or SAMURAI DANC3R II? Thanks!

Access the video here: SAMURAI DANC3R 2.0


4 thoughts on “SAMURAI DANC3R 2.0

  1. I try not to make more than 2 versions of a robot. The only robot that has over 2 versions is ALPHA R3X. Good luck building!


    • aw… The robot didn’t work. The idea was: an omnidancer! I now go further with a Complix project.
      I don’t know it will come in the community, because when the problem (you know from the LMBs) isn’t fixed, I will post nothing; when I can republish the EBB Omega, I’ll post more robots. Again: BAD SERVICE OF THE MINDSTORMS COMMUNITY!


  2. I will also enter the challenge (secret idea). TIP: don’t make a lot of versions, but just one genious good robot.


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