MUSCL3UT is a Muscle Sport Utility Truck. The roof has been shortened and given the pickup look. The body panels have been re-arranged to let itself to the truck look. The steering mechanism has been slightly changed (it is now a little tighter), but the drive system remains the same. The rear bumper is different too. You may wonder why there are small tires on the front. For the kind of steering mechanism I made, I had to use these small tires. Don’t worry, MUSCL3UT 2.0 will be superb! P.S. I built the LEGO® Technic Grand prix Racer in 3hrs 59mins yesterday!

NEW: Click here to watch MUSCL3UT drive!



One thought on “MUSCL3UT

  1. Did you mix EV3 with the grand prix racer? Looks cool; bet it’s fast.


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