EV3GAME is an official EV3 bonus model. Do not criticize me; I’m not taking any credit for this. Many NXT owners would probably like to know what EV3GAME is; therefore I am posting EV3GAME. I will also upgrade EV3GAME to look a lot cooler. The purpose of EV3GAME is to shuffle three “cups” around in a random sequence, and you have to find the winning cup. The winning cup has a ball under it, and before you start the shuffling, the winning cup always starts in the middle (so you can track it). There are 4 levels, Level 1 being the easiest (slowest shuffling), and Level 4 being the hardest (fastest shuffling). When EV3GAME is done shuffling, you are allowed to choose the cup you think is the winning cup by selecting it via the IR Remote. EV3GAME then picks it up with its claw. If it’s not the winning cup, it boos. If it is, it cheers.


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